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Beth T.
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"The thought of having to go to the dentist has always made me nervous, as I have had bad experiences in the past. My friend recommended Dr. Nichols and staff because I cracked a crown and needed it taken care of right away. Daria and the staff were warm and welcoming. Dr. Nichols is an excellent dentist, he explained everything, making sure I understood what was necessary and what procedures will need to be done. I will definitely continue have my dental needs taken care by Dr. Nichols and staff. I have also recommended him to my husband, as he recently needed to change dentists due to insurance coverage."
Carol L.
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"I had my mouth-guard fitted as well as my teeth cleaned. Dr. Nichols did a fine job with the fitting - quick and painless. Then I was surprised he did my teeth cleaning himself. Again, efficient and painless. The office staff are all friendly and very helpful."
William O.
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"Yes I would certainly recommend DR. Nichols to anyone. Me and my partner were recommended by our friend tony cordino and we are truly happy he did so. Dr. Nichols made us feel so welcome and got to the point right away. Thanks to him now i got my teeth taken care of and next is off to get my braces. And none other his assistant Dariya is so amazing and wonderful as well, she went over everything we needed to know. Thanks a lot"
Melissa B.
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"My experience with this office has been great. Dr. Nichols is personable and thoroughly answers every question you may possibly have about your treatment. He makes you feel comfortable through the entire process. His staff are all equally wonderful and helpful too. Highly recommended!"
Kathie Z.
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"I'm completely comfortable with Dr. Nichols and his staff and trust his dental experience to help me make the best decisions about taking care of dental issues. The office and exam rooms are spotless and i'm usually seen on time; office staff are great."
Jim & Carolyn P.
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"It's nice to feel like family, with questions about how our kids are doing etc. Everything is top of the line and very professional. Concerns are looked at and questions answered. Thanks for taking such good care of our teeth!"
Patti M
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"Dr. Nichols very friendly and down to earth. He takes the time to explain everything so you know exactly what's going on. I have never had to wait long, they don't over charge, and Daria is friendly and knowledgeable. They also work with you if you can't afford anything."
Augustus G.
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"I had problems with my gums for years and have had several Dentists working on my gums and teeth with no success. I hated going to the Dentist because of the expense. Every visit turned into more extensive cleanings or teeth removal. I went to Dr Nichols to discuss an option to conventional Dental Gum Surgery. The staff was very positive and courteous about helping me. I highly respect Dr Nichols honesty and integrity in what can be performed and work. I am very pleased to say that the Laser Gum Surgery was the perfect option for me. It turned out less expensive and less painful than traditional Gum Surgery. I went back to work the next day with little to no pain. Currently my gums are no longer swollen nor bleeding when I brush and floss my teeth. It's great to go to the Dentist and just get a cleaning with no added issues and expense. I looked forward to this last exam and highly recommend Dr Nichols Dental office in Huntington Beach."
Brian T., Los Angeles
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"I've been going to Dr Nichols for 5 years now. He is by far the best dentist I've ever been to. He's very knowledgable and explains everything that is going on and unlike a lot of dentists doesn't try to convince you to do unnecessary things just to try and get a bigger bill out of you. Both him and his Assistant Daria are very gentle on your mouth. I'd been to the dentist before I found him and my mouth was sore for days afterwards. I haven't had that problem once here. If you are looking for a dentist look no further. You'll be impressed."
Tawny H., Huntington Beach
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"Recently, while flossing, I had a filling fall out and was really worried about how much it would cost to fix. So after calling around to some well rated dentists Dr. Nichols was the only one that offered a free consultation to check out my tooth before giving me a price.

At the consultation they actually took X-rays of my tooth to get a proper look at it before deciding anything. Then Dr. Nichols had a look, told me what he thought and told him to let them know if I wanted to schedule an appointment to fix my tooth. He was professional and thorough, all while being friendly and relaxed, making me really comfortable.

The price they quoted me was VERY reasonable, and even though I ended up rescheduling my next appointment 3 times, usually fairly last minute, they never gave me attitude for it, which I appreciated. Also, Daria, his dental assistant/receptionist, was wonderful! Hopefully I get insurance soon so I can make him my regular dentist!"
Shelly P., Pomona
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"Thanks to his innovative approach of laser surgery to cure gum disease I no longer have an infection on my gum. The procedure was pain free, quick and inexpensive. I was able to get it done while pregnant. Other Doctors told me I couldn't get it done until the baby was born.They also wanted to charge a lot more and perform a more intrusive type of surgery.

Both Dr. Nichols and Darla his assistant are great people, very friendly, personable and down to earth. Unlike other dentist offices they don't see $$ signs on people's mouths. My first consultation was free which made me feel very comfortable with his approach. Before I found him I visited 3 different dentists and by far their service was the best. Don't get fooled by fancy offices with a lot of staff and expensive dentists, you can get excellent service here."
Mariela R., Irvine
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"Let me just start by saying that I have been to a number of different dentist in the past and Dr. Nichols is by far THE BEST dentist I have ever been to. Him and his staff are knowledgable and extremely friendly. He explains things in a way that doesn't make you feel guilty for doing certain things (like drinking coffee and "forgetting" to floss) and gives you lots of ideas to help you prevent problems instead of having to fix them in the future. I have always had a fear of visiting the dentist but now I seriously look forward to my visits with Dr. Nichols. Oh and he is funny too! I live in Irvine and drive to Huntington Beach to see him; I would drive farther if I had to! Beyond amazing!"
Christine M., Huntington Beach
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"I love that I have found a dentist I can trust. Dr. Nichols is fabulous! He gives a great explanation about what is going on with your teeth and what needs to be done to fix them. He explains if its a must fix or something that can be fixed on your own calender. He has the best equipment that lets you look at your own teeth on the computer screen to see what is going on inside your mouth. He makes sure you are comfortable and pain free. Daria is a wonderful assistant and together they will address all of your dental needs. They are both great and will keep you smiling!"
Michael W., Dana Point
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"I was referred to Brent Nichols by a good friend. He is local to my home in Huntington Beach. After today, I would've driven a thousand miles for his talent. I myself am very sensitive to pain. Dr. Brent was understanding and did an awesome job.My experience was COMPLETELY PAIN FREE. I am so thankful to have found him. I would recommend this Dentist to anyone, He is a true professional. Thanks again Brent!"
Lisa G., Austin
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"I don't mean to sound negative but I have learned that the world is a place where most people are out to take advantage of you, even those you think you should trust. When you find a professional who is genuinely caring and not looking at you as a milk cow (i.e., sizing up how much $$ you might be good for), you have been given a gift. Dr. Nichols is honest, caring, and what a true professional should be! I used to go to dentists in fancy offices until I figured out that they were ripping me off. When I first saw Dr. Nichols, he remedied what I thought was a chronic gum problem (my previous dentist wanted me to think that so I'd keep the dollars coming) in no time flat and at a reasonable price. Since then, I have had excellent care from Dr. Nichols, always at a fair price. Dr. Nichols and his wonderful assistant, Daria, are simply the best."
Daren H., Huntington Beach
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"Another big fan here. Can't say enough good things about him. My family and I has been going to see Dr. Nichols for a few years now. Dr. Nichols is professional with a relaxed, funny and personable approach. His staff is very professional, and attentive to details. I really enjoy how I get a call reminding me about my appointments, rather than a call telling me that I missed my appointment. As with all dentists, we make appointments so far in the future that they creep up on you, and before you know it, you've missed your appointment. The reminder is a great thing.

Dr. Nichols replaced a couple of crowns for me awhile back, and the whole process was comfortable and smooth. The new crowns he gave have never caused any problems. No longer did I have to deal with pain while eating ice cream.

His office is right near the beach, and is nice and relaxed. But don't let the relaxed atmosphere fool you. This office is outfitted with top of the line technology. From ipods that you can listen to while they clean your teeth, to lasers. Upon talking to Dr. Nichols, I discovered that he uses lasers to work on things like gum problems. Lasers mean no pain!

But for me, the real selling point with Dr. Nichols, is the patience and care he shows towards my wife and son who is eight. I will continue to use him as my dentist, and I have referred many friends. Everyone I've referred, still uses him as their dentist."
Joe N., Venice
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"Initial impression is capable, friendly, flexible, and local family dental services. As a new patient with an urgent need, they really came through on the schedule. Thank you doctor!"
Lisa B., Long Beach
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"Dr. Brent Nichols is a very intelligent, down to earth, warm, and caring dentist. You don't see that too often anymore. After going to the same dentist all throughout my childhood, as an adult I have to admit I got lazy about regular visits. Segway to last year when I started experiencing a lot of mouth pain and constant headaches. Dr. Nichols recognized right away that I had a mouth full of cracked fillings. Rather than scaring me into spending a lot of money doing them all at once, he advised on which ones were more important than others, saying that getting me pain and infection free was priority number one. I like that...particularly since I have family who go to dentists that see dollar signs first. After one root canal, two crowns, and a solemn reassurance that bone calcification in my mouth was not really cancer like some claim online, I feel like Dr. Nichols is someone I can trust....not only with my mouth, but with my wallet.

He's a soul surfer type with the intellect of a bonafied medicine man....from a family chock full of doctors and dentists. I truly have never felt more comfortable at the dentist. Highly recommend...and he's conveniently located in downtown Huntington. Ample lot and street parking. His right hand woman, Daria (office manager and Dr. Nichols' assistant...cleanings, etc) is also warm, friendly, kind, and efficient. Safe to say: found my dentist for life! : )"
Elaine D., Newport Beach
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"I actually feel terrible I have never written a review for Dr. Nichols and his staff! I have been going to him for about 6 years - maybe 7 - hahaha - maybe 8? My previous dentist was terrible and highly recommended in the dental community. I kept asking why my gums were bleeding all the time (as did the dental technician) and he never did anything about it. I was brushing, flossing, water-picking - you name it! Dr. Nichols did laser gum surgery (totally painless) on my whole mouth. He touches me up to this day if he sees something he doesn't like. He is saving my teeth! He's done a root canal, tooth extraction and implant and everything was amazing. The root canal didn't even hurt and everyone says they'd rather have a baby than a root canal ;-0. He explains everything in detail and gives you options. He's extremely gentle and caring - as is Daria who is beyond belief amazing as well. All of my family and close friends go to him. I don't have great teeth or gums, but Dr. Nichols is so incredible that I love going for my appointments. Daria is so sweet, caring, gentle and professional. I can't believe how lucky I am to have found them and they are beyond fair on charges. I used to utterly and completely hate going to dentists my entire life. Now I love to go. I'll be happy to talk to anyone - just call Dr. Nichols and ask for my number."
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Dr. Brent O. Nichols, a general dentist in Huntington Beach, CA, works hard to ensure each of his patients receives exceptional patient care in a relaxing and friendly environment. Our staff is highly trained to provide you with the care you need and deserve. Dr. Nichols is proud to offer advanced dental procedures including the LANAP Laser Treatment, Dental Implants, Invisalign, Porcelain Veneers, and Implant Supported Dentures.

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